What Makes Us Episcopalian?

Protestant Episcopal Church of the USA

Meaning "not owing allegiance but giving respect and honor to the Pope" and being governed by bishops.

What we believe

We believe in God, creator and sustainer of all. We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the revelation of the fullness of God, We believe in the Holy Spirit, who lives among God’s people. We believe those who are baptized are family, through a new relationship with Jesus Christ, our savior and brother. 

The Creeds are the outline of our faith, the Bible is our sacred text,  and our worship in the tradition of The Book of Common Prayer is central to who we are.

We believe all Christians are called to the work of spreading the Good News that God has redeemed and transformed the world through Jesus Christ. Love of neighbor and enemy, love of the poor, the lost, the oppressed, and the imprisoned--love of all people -- is essential to the Christian life. 

How we worship

God calls us to worship God and center our lives on the revelation of Jesus Christ. We meet each Sunday, praying together and caring for one another. We are nourished and transformed in the Holy Eucharist (communion). The preached word of God in the sermon strengthens us, instructs us, and challenges us.

We have patterns for common prayer, liturgies, that are broad enough to adapt to our local context, yet continue many of the earliest practices of Christianity.


Scripture includes The Old and New Testaments -- (written by men, inspired by the Holy Spirit) The Book of Common Prayer and The Hymnal.
Apostle's Creed, dating from the 2nd century of the early Roman Church and the Nicene Creed, Eastern in origin, dating from he 4th century.
Baptism and Holy Eucharist are the 2 Sacraments of the Gospel. The 5 lesser Sacraments include Confirmation, Penance, Matrimony, Ordination and Ministry of Healing.
Comprised of Bishops, Priests and Deacons. Rectors are Priests who are responsible for the operation of an ecclesiastical institution such as a Church.

Episcopal Sacraments

Who are we?

We are Christians. We are evangelicals, skeptics, Catholics, contemplatives, Protestants, seekers, and charismatics. We are Asian, Black, Latinx, Native American, White, Pacific Islander, and multiracial. We are political conservatives, liberals, moderates, progressives, and independents. We are lesbian, gay, heterosexual, bisexual, Intersexual, transexual, and asexual. We are working class, wealthy, and middle class. We are traditionalists, moderates, and progressives. We are the Jesus Movement in the Episcopal tradition.

Christ loves you.
We love you. 
We're glad you're here.