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    October 09, 2019 | Reflections by Ed Apuzzo

    Why I support All Saints’ Church.

    It has been very interesting for me to listen to others and learn how they came to join All Saints Church. My family has been worshiping with many of you for over twenty-five years, the past fifteen or so have been at All Saints.

    One of our supply priests dubbed us “the small church with the large voices” – and I would add “with the large hearts”. He was referring to our wonderful music program but to me it extends beyond Sunday mornings. I am extremely proud to belong to a congregation which cherishes the importance of Outreach ministry. While we may be hidden away atop Scarborough Road, we cultivate a community garden, prepare and serve at Loaves and Fish, shop for Christmas Angels, support Deacon Ann and her ministry at Bedford Hills and help to staff and supply the Tarrytown Food Pantry. Additionally, I was fortunate to serve on the discernment committees for three of the six clergy (five of whom are women) who arose from the congregations I have called home, and my growth as a Christian has been nurtured by Adult Education and Bagels & Books.

    Eleven years ago, our twenty-five year old son, Tony, passed away on Easter Sunday. Today, when I come to All Saints Church and look at your faces, I am reminded of all the kindness and support you gave us. You helped us find medical care, you prepared us meals, you visited us in the hospital. You prayed for us. You continue to pray for us.

    Since Sue and I have “downsized” and moved further away, people marvel that we continue to attend this church. I’m glad for the chance to tell how deep our roots are here. I hope you will join us and contribute to this year’s Stewardship campaign.

    - Ed Apuzzo

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