Coming to All Saints' Church

    October 09, 2019 | Reflections by Kathryn Spicer

    Why I support All Saints’ Church.

    I’m a cradle Episcopalian, so it was really important to me to find a church as soon as I could which felt like home. I moved to Ossining a year ago, and All Saints’ was the second church I visited. It reminded me a lot of the church I attended from childhood until I moved to New York. From the architecture to the sermons to the liturgical style, All Saints’ felt right, but what really sealed the deal was the music. I’ve been in choirs of all sorts since I was a child and singing in church for as long as I can remember. My first Sunday here, I remember feeling like everyone at All Saints’ genuinely enjoyed the music, both listening and participating, and I wanted to be a part of that feeling.

    I returned to All Saints’ for the music, but I stayed because of the community. I was welcomed with open arms from day one, and I recognized people here knew what it meant to embody the love of God. I love our community offers us all the opportunity to give something of ourselves to each other and to God, in whatever way we feel called. For some it’s outreach, for some it’s coffee hour, for some it’s ministry, but for me it’s music. I can offer a prayer, receive grace, and give something back to our community all at the same time.

    And the giving something back is what stewardship is all about - celebrating what the church and God offer you by offering something in return. As my dad says, stewardship can be time, talent, treasure, or a little of each. We all have something to give to show the church what it means to us, and I’m happy to give what I can to All Saints’ to thank our community for giving me a church home and the opportunity to worship the best way I know how.

    -Kathryn Spicer

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