Two Minutes for Prayer

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Living the Life Entrusted to You

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Last month, Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations (Center for Action and Contemplation) focused on contemplative prayer and living in receptive awareness, where you take in all a situation or moment offers, without labeling or judging. With no critique, you just experience what your day presents to you from a pure and positive stance.

This is very difficult for us in our culture: we seem to experience our hours through judgement: Is this convenient for me? Is that outfit attractive? Have I worked hard enough on this? Am I having a good enough time? Hey - I even judge my judgement….

When really, does any of that matter? Reality does not need you to like it in order to be reality (Richard Rohr ) I imagine being present to an event exactly as it is, with no thought other than experiencing it. This is where we can find moments of great love. I think of being at a dinner party, immersed in the conversation flowing around me. Or laughing heartily at another’s joke. Or being brought to an open-mouthed halt by the beauty of a flower. Or sitting quietly on a rock at the beach club, watching the colors of the sun setting across the Hudson. And it is a quiet, joyous, expansive love that I feel in those moments. Everything is as it should be. The world, and all around me, is beautiful and special.

And I imagine living that way. Finally finding the button on the side of my head and turning it to “off” so I stop thinking and thinking and thinking. And walk into this big and beautiful love.

- Fiona Matthew


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