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Bread for the People

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Jesus said to Philip, “Where are we to buy bread for these people to eat?”   (John 6:5)

There are people in every community who are struggling to find the basics: bread, milk, eggs, a roof over their heads. On the national and international stages, we are seeing a collision of ideologies over providing for our neighbors. Governments at every level cannot agree on the care of those within their own borders. Leaders are constrained by tight budgets, hundreds of valid concerns and reasonable requests for funding, all while looking square in the eyes the growing number of people who need more.

Jesus saw a large crowd coming toward him, and merely wondered where to buy the bread. He did not question where they came from, or if they had tried hard enough, or worked long enough hours, or ever taken a piece of bread from him before. He provided for those who came to see him. Through his power as God's Son, he ensured that the bread never ran out. But before that, he asked his followers for help, asked them where to find bread for these people. He shared the burden with them, as he shares the burden with us, and calls upon us to provide for those in need.

-Emily Loughlin



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